Sunday, October 5, 2008

#Exercise 23 End of a Journey

I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. I have been introduced to so many new sites, some fantastic like LibraryThing and have become hooked on YouTube. It is good to try new things and I would definitely do it again. Learning should be lifelong. I really enjoyed YouTube and flickr. Am going to get a webcam next and connect with my 80 year old Aunt. She has one already!!! Many thanks to the help team. I would say that this is the start of a continuing journey.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exercise # 22 Libraries and Social Networking

I had a look at Auckland City Library's Bebo site and like the fact that they promote what is available there and what is going on.
Bebo is a site that young people visit frequently so it makes sense to promote libraries on their sites.
Even if we just have links on our library websites to Bebo,Facebook etc is not a bad thing.
However, my twenty six year old son t ells me he is only on Facebook and that Bebo and MySpace is just for kids???

Exercise # 21 Social Networking

I did explore Bebo and Facebook because I was able to go into my children's accounts. Found some lovely photos of them in wonderful exotic backgrounds. I must go to Croatia.

Exercise # 21 My Space,Bebo and Facebook

I did explore Bebo and Facebook because I was able to go onto my children's accounts. All three of them have Bebo and Facebook accounts.

I did not want to join up and you do need to be invited to view others sites. Lovely to see some beautiful photos of their travels-Amsterdam,Slovakia and Portugal.

I entered Auckland City Library's Bebo site and was very impressed with what they have done. I was less impressed with Rotorua Library,but good on them for setting it up.

While I was in Brisbane I visited Brisbane Public Library and noticed they had pamphlets advertising tutorials on Facebook for their patrons.

Exercise # 20 E-Books

Amazon kindle books had 183,643 results

"Brisingr" by Christopher Paolini is only US $9.99 or NZ $14.00 to buy.

I found Michael Connelly has new book.

The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly (Kindle Edition - Oct 14, 2008) - Kindle Book
Buy: $9.99
Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on Oct 14, 2008.
Other Editions: Hardcover

I would still rather read the papercopy.

I think Project Gutenberg is an incredible site. I went into the Top 100 Yesterday page and found "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. Easy to navigate.

LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain. Easily found the title I wanted.

I found Google Book search was the easiest to use. There were lovely illustrations in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll and John Tenniel.,M1

Exercise # 19 Podcasts

I looked at the techtorial and then went into my daughter's itunes playlist.Had a nostalgic moment or two listening to "All along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix and "The rivers of Babylon" by The Eagles.

I went into Podnova and selected the Top 40-all very technology orientated. Looked at Number 28 Documentaries by the BBC.
Also took a look at Searched for libraries and got 31 results.
One item was called Library geeks-boring and the sound was not great.
The great read radio show was also hard to listen to.
Not really my cup of tea.

# 23 End of the journey

I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. I have been introduced to so many new sites, some

fantastic like LibraryThing and have become hooked on YouTube.

It is good to try new things and I would definitely do it again. Learning should be lifelong.

I really enjoyed YouTube and flickr.

Am going to get a webcam next and connect with my 80 year old Aunt. She has one already!!!

Many thanks to the help team.

I would say that this is the start of a continuing journey.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Exercise # 18 The treadmill dance

I told you that I love YouTube and I obviously have too much time on my hands.
PS The house is dirty

I had no idea that there were so many video sites. I have printed out two pages of them for me to explore later on. I have included five here, but did find a lot of YouTube ones on the sites as well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Exercise # 17 Furl

I have been clicking in and out of Flickr,Picasa and many others with weird names. I also checked out Yahoo answers and
In the end I decided to more closely explore Furl which is a social bookmarking site. I didn't sign up as initially I thought the layout looked a bit messy,but easily navigable.
There seemed to be no real organisation to the list of sites. I visited the Olympics to The Lure of Namibia to recipes-especially Minestrone with Fresh Basil from the New York Times.
Furl was third in the Awards line-up. I went in there first (name appealed to me),but later I tried Stumble which is very clear-love it.
Dare not go into the food site unless I am prepared to waste another day.

Exercise # 16 Zoho Writer

Well,I am in Zoho Writer,trying to think about what I will write.

The tool bars look familiar, so no worries there. Some I am not familiar with.

Found the Z (Undo) option works here (thank Goodness) and they have an "emotion" button-kiss

Wow,This was great-no problem sending it to my blog.

Exercise #16 Google Doc and Zoho Writer

I have just pasted this link from Google Doc.

I need to spend more time exploring this site but it seemed quite straight forward.

I guess because the layout is so familiar.

I can see that it would be less time consuming with colleagues not having to constantly e-mail each other. They could write,edit and collaborate with each other online.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exercise # 15 Rollyo

I love the idea of creating my own personalised search engine.
Definitely a fan of this one.
I went into the rare books site and searched for art and maritime books. The links were superb,especially The European Library Exhibition.
Found some awesome photos in the photo forum ,especially ones of White Island.

Exercise #14 LibraryThing

I could have spent hours in this site. Definitely have to go back in now I have set up my account.

I should have taken the Library Thing tour first,but found it so easy that now I will go back and take it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exercise #13 Image Generators

I went into

Didn't really appeal but I will put in the link for anyone interested.

Also went into Flickr again and a site for making post it notes. The url is

"I am a schizophrenic control-freak with a knack of getting into trouble."

This is what I am according to

When I have more time I would like to go in other generators-perhaps try for fridge magnets./

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

#12 Sandbox wiki

I found this exercise relatively easy to do. At first I deleted my link so had to go back and do it again.

It helps to save!!

I am also a lover of heritage roses also David Austin's English Roses. A rose should try to have everything:repeat flowering, beauty and fragrance.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Exercise #11 Wikis

Have been into Wikipedia for a quick overlook, but always went to other sources afterwards.
I went through all the links that were mentioned,eg the tutorial-that guy is getting on my nerves!!
Went to the Oregon Library Instruction Wiki-a resource for librarians to help them learn from another.
Collaboration is everything for wikis.
Would be good to have a patron-library collaboration in book reviews and it would be useful for sharing ideas on a subject that needs updating frequently.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

#10 Web 2.10

must be tired
Have gone into ---
away from iceburgs
into a new world of librarianship
to more powerful ways to cooperate

could not do more


I explored the Top 100 blogs,voted by authority and went into site 4-Engadget which was about photoshop for videos. It was voted number 5 by fans.
Jennifer Garner was number 4 in the top searches.
There were 7,600 results for Learning 2.0.
Will reserve judgement until I get more time to go back in but the tutorials I went into about Technorati were good


I think is a clear, very well organised site.It allows you to organise a group of websites and does not limit you to accessing them from just one computer.
Being able to make many tags is also something I liked.
It could be useful for reference librarians and definitely for research in classrooms.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Discovery Exercise (#7.2):Search for RSS Feeds

I really liked Topix-the top stories had clean,unfussy lines and it was fast.
Latest news when I went in was posted an hour ago.
Syndic8 apparently is a directory of feeds,but I found it confusing and slow. Perhaps will go back later for another look.
Technorati is very American. I don't really want to read about Lindsay Lohan as the scoop story.
Probably because I subscribed to Blogline first and spent the most time in it,I found it really good.In Breaking News Stuff (www.stuff was top of the list.
On the right were matching feeds to Reuters, NYT and BBC.
Typing in "gardening" in the searchbox Blogline came up with some good links,eg 'About Gardening'.


Participant's Blogs
23 Things to Do
The NSL Learning 2.0 exercises blog feed
Reader’s Club new review feeds
Unshelved - Library cartoon feed.

(#7.1) Get to know about RSS

I thought RSS was an illness. Glad to learn it means "Really Simple Syndication".
I've set up a Blogline account,but when I wanted to confirm my account by e-mailing for verification, my pop-up security blocks it even when I changed the security level. Will have to wait for one of the family to come home!!
I am looking forward to subscribing to some feeds, especially news, book and movie sites.
It was great watching the various You Tube tutorials-very helpful. Had a look at the 'BBC" and "The Shifted Librarian'.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Discovery Exercise #6

"My Sky" is my rave of the week.
I can record anything of interest to me and replay it when no-one else is around. It is quick as I can fast forward all those ads . Rialto,Kitchen and Living channels are among my favourites.
My digital camera would be next on my list especially when I can quickly delete all those terrible photos of myself that always ended up in a photo album in the past.

Exercise #4 Exploring Flickr

Flickr is a photo sharing community,where pictures are located by means of a tagging system.
I found so many images on Flickr that were awesome.
I will upload a photo of a great library

Discovery Exercise #5

I went into FD Toys and chose Jigsaw.
Made it out of one of my old photos.
Don't see the point but it is startling to see the software that is available

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is my first post.

I have been so nervous about setting this up.
Do hope it works. It feels like I have spent hours on this computer!!!