Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Discovery Exercise (#7.2):Search for RSS Feeds

I really liked Topix-the top stories had clean,unfussy lines and it was fast.
Latest news when I went in was posted an hour ago.
Syndic8 apparently is a directory of feeds,but I found it confusing and slow. Perhaps will go back later for another look.
Technorati is very American. I don't really want to read about Lindsay Lohan as the scoop story.
Probably because I subscribed to Blogline first and spent the most time in it,I found it really good.In Breaking News Stuff (www.stuff .co.nz/News) was top of the list.
On the right were matching feeds to Reuters, NYT and BBC.
Typing in "gardening" in the searchbox Blogline came up with some good links,eg 'About Gardening'.


Participant's Blogs
23 Things to Do
The NSL Learning 2.0 exercises blog feed
Reader’s Club new review feeds
Unshelved - Library cartoon feed.

(#7.1) Get to know about RSS

I thought RSS was an illness. Glad to learn it means "Really Simple Syndication".
I've set up a Blogline account,but when I wanted to confirm my account by e-mailing for verification, my pop-up security blocks it even when I changed the security level. Will have to wait for one of the family to come home!!
I am looking forward to subscribing to some feeds, especially news, book and movie sites.
It was great watching the various You Tube tutorials-very helpful. Had a look at the 'BBC" and "The Shifted Librarian'.

This is my first post.

I have been so nervous about setting this up.
Do hope it works. It feels like I have spent hours on this computer!!!